Case studies on schools

Here is a list of all the case studies on schools:

  • Next Practice in System Leadership – 3E’s Coalition of schools. (39 KB)

    3Es is a coalition of six secondary schools in the Midlands and Surrey, formed to implement and further develop the 3Es ethos; a set of beliefs and practices designed to address long term underachievement. Previously failing or underachieving participating schools, report a 20 – 30% improvement in student achievement during the period of their involvement.

  • Addressing non-attendance to school with one family (Trafford) (27 KB)

    A single mother had been prosecuted several times for her children’s non-attendance at school, and her secondary-school age daughter was behind her peers in literacy, numeracy and social skills. Although the mother was co-operative and had good relationships with her two children, the different agencies had failed to make any difference.

  • Next Practice in System Leadership – Remaking Learning in Barnsley (35 KB)

    'Remaking Learning' is an Authority wide programme aimed at transforming lifelong learning in Barnsley using phase three of Building Schools for the Future (BSF) as a catalyst. In the programme, provision in both the primary and secondary phases is being rationalised to create new Primary Learning Centres and Advanced Learning Centres. These will make a new and extended offer to the communities they serve by providing improved access to a range of services including education.

  • Co-located Services Toolkit: Benefits of and opportunities for co-located service provision (46 KB)

    Experience of public service providers so far indicates that co-located services provision can bring a range of benefits and opportunities. These benefits and opportunities can arise for several diverse stakeholders.

  • Next Practice in System Leadership – Biddenham Queen’s Park (35 KB)

    Biddenham Queens Park (BQP) is an informal collaboration of three schools serving a multi cultural and relatively deprived community on the outskirts of Bedford. The three schools work together with the children’s centre to offer a range of services, including education.The vision that unites BQP is a desire to bring coherence to the experiences of pupils and families in the locality, working together to try to help families to overcome significant barriers.

  • Building School Partnerships for the Future (Lewisham) (30 KB)

    A study of Lewisham's exploration of barriers to partnerships among its schools and how it might, as commissioner of school places, facilitate more effective partnership working – including through federations.

  • Big Wide Talk Okehampton Proposal (Completed (144 KB)

    The Big Wide Talk Okehampton completed proposal. Information to be included in a proposal submitted by a proposer to establish a new school in response to a competition invitation notice (Section 7 of the E&I Act 2006): Mainstream Schools

  • Next Practice in System Leadership – Central Leeds Learning Federation (37 KB)

    The Central Leeds Learning Federation was established in September 2005 in a move to address significant and persistent levels of educational underachievement, disadvantage and low expectations amongst students attending two inner city high schools. Central Leeds Learning Federation set out to develop, through extensive consultation with stakeholder groups across the schools and in the local community, a new governance and leadership structure to serve the Federation.

  • Next Practice in System Leadership – Chichester Community Alliance (36 KB)

    Chichester Community Alliance has a nursery school, a children’s centre and two primary schools which together serve around 800 families in central Chichester. The Alliance extends beyond education to include health, social services, the police and voluntary organizations. The Community Alliance was conceived as a way of providing strategic direction for the integration of children’s services in the area and grew from a project that had its roots in Sure Start. The purpose of the Community Alliance is to explore models of leadership and governance that will provide a fit for purpose vehicle for providing efficient and effective services to families in a multi agency setting.

  • Children's Cross-Regional Arrangements Group (CCRAG) - Partners in commissioning (75 KB)

    Before the creation of the Children’s Cross-Regional Arrangements Group (CCRAG), each local authority was individually responsible for monitoring providers’ contractual compliance and for negotiating fees with individual providers. It was decided that working cross regionally would allow the local authorities involved to standardise the processes they used to effectively monitor children’s placement providers leading to a reduction in workload, efficiency savings and improved outcomes for children and young people.