Early years: Links to other websites and materials

Centre for Excellence in Outcomes website

The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO) identifies and coordinates local, regional and national evidence of 'what works', to create a single and comprehensive picture of effective practice in delivering children's services.

Early Years is the first theme to be launched by the Centre (July 2008 to March 2010) and addresses 'narrowing the gap in outcomes for young children through effective practices in the early years'; ‘'improving children's attainment through a better quality of family-based support for early learning’ ‘improving development outcomes for children through effective practice in integrating early years' services'.


DCSF: Sure Start Children's Centres: Guidance and resources website

The Department for Children and Family put together a web page which has a number of useful guidance and resources on Sure Start Children's Centres. Find a range of resources including "BBC Learning Dig In campaign 2010" and "Together for Children toolkit – business planning" and guidance on the "Childcare Act 2006".


Early Childhood Unit, National Children’s Bureau (NCB) website

This website includes materials and briefings relating to National quality Improvement Network and other early years networks as well as research into the impact of early years and children’s centre services on young children’s wellbeing.


National Children’s Bureau (NCB) website

This website includes materials and briefings relating to research into the impact of play on children and young people as well as summary best practice documents to support commissioners in the strategic design and implementation of strategy for play services.


National Strategies website

The National Strategies are professional development programmes for early years, primary and secondary school teachers, practitioners and managers. They are one of the Government’s principal vehicles for improving the quality of learning and teaching in schools and early years settings and raising standards of attainment.


SROI (social return on investment) Network website

This site is for anyone interested in SROI or anyone wanting to contribute to the growing bank of knowledge and experience of measuring social value.


Together for Children website

Together for children is working in partnership with the Department for Children, Schools and Families to support local authorities in their delivery of Sure Start Children’s Centres.


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