Case studies on child health

Here is a list of all the case studies on child health commissioning:

  • Addressing the Needs of a Teenage Girl (Bournemouth) (27 KB)

    A 16-year-old girl living with her older brother and her divorced mother was experiencing suicidal thoughts. She was in a very low mood, had problems with her body image and had been losing weight rapidly. Although she was a high achiever, she did not know what she wanted to do and needed some career advice.

  • Next Practice in System Leadership – Chichester Community Alliance (36 KB)

    Chichester Community Alliance has a nursery school, a children’s centre and two primary schools which together serve around 800 families in central Chichester. The Alliance extends beyond education to include health, social services, the police and voluntary organizations. The Community Alliance was conceived as a way of providing strategic direction for the integration of children’s services in the area and grew from a project that had its roots in Sure Start. The purpose of the Community Alliance is to explore models of leadership and governance that will provide a fit for purpose vehicle for providing efficient and effective services to families in a multi agency setting.

  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council, Services for Children and Young People - Participation Project (139 KB)

    The Participation Project, provided by the national charity Action for Children (AfC), works directly with young people as part of the Borough’s Children’s Participation Network (CPN) to deliver participation for Tameside’s CYPSP. This has ensured that children and young people are involved in the design of services in a way that meets quality standards and best practice guidelines.

  • Next Practice in System Leadership – Darlington Education Village (40 KB)

    Beaumont Hill was a very successful special school in Darlington catering for 225 students with autism, challenging behaviours, and severe learning difficulties. The school’s buildings had aged poorly and the school needed to move to new premises. At the same time the local authority made a commitment to inclusion and to integrating its special needs offer into mainstream education.

  • Governance Arrangements: Commissioning parenting support (507 KB)

    Describes work in Newcastle to ensure all available parenting and family support funding was aligned to and used to deliver activities that demonstrated greatest impact on key priorities in Newcastle's Plan for Children and Young People. Governance arrangements were reviewed to demonstrate their inclusivity for a widened group of stakeholders.

  • Individual Budgets for Families with Disabled Children Scoping Study (751 KB)

    As part of Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC), the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has commissioned SQW Consulting (SQW), supported by Gerry Zarb from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), to undertake a scoping study prior to the piloting of Individual Budgets (IB) for families with disabled children. The primary purpose of the scoping study was to inform the development of the IB pilot programme.

  • Developing A Code of Practice to Work With the Third Sector (Plymouth) (130 KB)

    The voluntary and community sectors have been involved in the development of creative approaches to child play services. This case study, produced by Plymouth for the DCSF, describes the rationale for, key outputs and outcomes of a project to stimulate and support this crucial element of the children’s services market. Key outcomes are reported to be: more active involvement of the Third Sector in the commissioning process; increased number of responsive providers in the market place; increased choice and quality of provision.

  • Developing an 'Outcomes Based' Commissioning Approach (Birmingham) - pdf (229 KB)

    Appendices Appendix 1: Presentation of the UNICEF research into child well-being in the richest countries of the world Appendix 2: Synthesis of needs analyses Appendix 3: National drivers: a review of legislation and policy impacting on the delivery of outcomes Appendix 4: Agreed priority outcomes Appendix 5: Methodology for developing a ‘high level investment’ plan Appendix 6: Commissioning Activity Tool (CAT)

  • Sub-Regional Placement Commissioning (South West: Devon / Cornwall / Torbay) (221 KB)

    A sub-regional commissioning process is being set up across 3 local areas for children in care placements. The process is based on a tried and tested method developed in Devon that is already saving money and improving outcomes.

  • When to share information: Best practice guidence for everyone working in the youth Justice Programme (1017 KB)

    Department of health cross governmental iniiative, best practice case studies to identify how information is used to ensure improved outcomes for children and young people.